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We believe in God, the only true God, the Creator and Ruler of human beings and all things. He is the Lord of history and of the world. He judges and saves. His Son Jesus Christ, the Saviour of humankind, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born a man of the Virgin Mary and became our brother. Through His suffering, crucifixion, death and resurrection He manifested God's love and justice, and through Him we are reconciled to God. His Spirit, which is the Holy Spirit, dwells among us, and grants us power, so that we may bear witness among all peoples until the Lord comes again.
We believe that the Bible is revealed by God, the record of His redemption and the norm of our faith and life.
We believe that the Church is the fellowship of God's people, called to proclaim the salvation of Jesus Christ and to be ambassador of reconciliation. It is both universal and rooted in this land, identifying with all its inhabitants, and through love and suffering becoming the sign of hope. We believe that through the grace of God, human beings are brought to repentance, their sin forgiven, that they may glorify God through lives of devotion, love and dedication.
We believe that God has given human beings dignity, talents and a homeland, so that they may share in God's creation, and have responsibility with Him for taking care of the world. Therefore, they have social, political and economic systems, arts and sciences, and a spirit which seeks after the true God. But human beings have sinned, and they misuse these gifts, destroying the relationship between themselves, all creatures, and God.
Therefore, they must depend on the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He will deliver humankind from sin, will set the oppressed free and make them equal, that all may become new creatures in Christ, and the world His Kingdom, full of justice, peace and joy.
This translation, based on the original Romanized Taiwanese text authorized by the 32nd General Assembly, was officially adopted by the General Assembly Faith and Order Committee on10 January 1986.